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Event review: Sip ‘N Stroke Neo-Soul and Spoken word creative paint session

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

#EatOutToHelpOut has ended, the darker days are looming, and 'uncertainty' must be the most over-used word of 2020. But why should that mean you can’t still live life to the full and have a fun time out when you can?!

Going ‘out out’ is dead. Maximum effort for the big turn up is so 2019, and these days it’s the daytime bottomless brunch that reigns King.

If you’re looking for the ideal time with friends, look no further than Sip ‘N Stroke.

Sip ‘N Stroke is a #painting session that's been remixed. Cocktail in one hand, paintbrush in the other, music in your ears and good vibes all around. The goal is to have fun rather than creating a masterpiece so it’s good for anyone looking to spend an afternoon or evening doing just that.

Mix colours whilst mixing your love for art, music and self-expression. Sip ‘N Stroke feeds your creativity in an atmosphere surrounded by like-minded young professionals as you bring your imagination to life on canvas.

What can I expect from a SipnStroke event?

As you walk up the stairs to their edgy East London loft location you can hear music spilling out and welcoming you in. You’ll be greeted by one of their hosts smiling warmly that also happen to be talented artists in their own right! They are the art instructors for the event to give you some guidance if painting isn’t your thing.

It's a feast for all five senses. The smell of incense on arrival to set a laid back tone, the taste of rum punch, experimental cocktails and food, the sight of colourful paints and the creativity of black-owned businesses available to support and of course, the sounds of Hip Hop, RnB and Neo-Soul.

You’ll then be invited to take a seat at your own canvas with all art materials provided, including apron, paint, brushes and canvas. The host DJ (who is hilarious) keeps the laughs and a healthy dose of competition going throughout the event. Each occasion is given a theme to get the creative juices flowing- that is- if the great array of cocktails hasn’t already!

The first time I went the theme was ‘Black is King’ to coincide with the release of Beyoncé’s visual album, and the second time it was ‘New Beginnings’ which felt apt with the constant change going on at the moment.

I like the event's attention to detail and how creativity is carefully painted into every part of the overall picture and experience. I think people are wanting more authentic experiences from going out these days rather than soulless nights out, and this caters to that perfectly.

The event typically lasts 3 hours which is ample time for drinks, food available to order, music, and a competition to show some love to the best creations.

For those of you that never know when it's home time, there's an after-party following each event included with your ticket to keep the good vibes going.

What’s the music like?

Generally Hip-Hop and RnB but less commercial than what you would find on a typical club night. Expect throwbacks mixed with more up to date sounds. You can’t help but sing along to their great selections...or in my case, send videos to your friends on socials to make sure they know what they’ve missed out on.

I was lucky enough to go to their first Neo-Soul and spoken word event in September. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a massive Neo-Soul head and love #poetry, so this was a match made in heaven. I loved that they showcase live upcoming artists and supported talented musicians and poets at a time when the Arts are under such pressure.

There is nothing like live music, and Sip N’ Stroke have managed to weave it into their events seamlessly.

What’s does the dress code and typical guestlist look like?

Expect young professionals with everything from guys celebrating birthdays with their friends, or ladies marking engagements and birthdays to small pairs wanting to get stuck into painting. I think this would make an ideal second/third date idea if you're brave enough.

Expect everything from those that want to have a lowkey time with the occasional option to get up and dance, to the high-key crew that want to dance from entry to exit.

Dress code is casual-smart. Some have worn heels and dresses, whilst others have paired it down with converses and alternative looks... it really is a mix bag.

What makes it different?

Their commitment to supporting new talent in the music industry and the undiscovered creative talent in you. It's an added bonus that the staff had a family-vibe to them which is rare for events that are growing from strength to strength.

Is it social distance friendly?

Yes. Upon arrival, masks, hand sanitizers and floor markings were available without detracting from the high energy. Staff were wearing PPE and had equipment available for people at sanitation stations around the venue. According to their website, capacity has been cut back 50% to ensure everyone has space in between them.

Would I recommend it?

Yes. It’s a guaranteed good time, and as a self-confessed art and music fan, I think it’s a must for #thingstodoinlondon. With #Halloween and Christmas around the corner in these chillier months (yes, I said the ‘C’ word before December!), this is a certified way to get some warm fun in with friends.

They do packages for birthdays and special events, and even corporate events where they come to you. Could be the ideal small social distanced Christmas party option?

Tickets are sold for locations across London, Birmingham and Manchester. If you would like to book or get more information, please visit:



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