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Updated: Oct 28, 2020

A poem dedicated to the stretching, movement and growth in womanhood. Inspired by an essay by M. NourbeSe Philip.

Stretch marks

the moves and expansion.

the call

and reaction.

Steps into new woman- hood

facing challenges I knew I would.

it clasps to hips

and traces the knees

swirls like henna dips

like falling of leaves

the body is the


for experiences we birth

we breathe

and eXXXpand

man takes us by the hand

and blames it on Eve

and how we conceive

so dependent yet invincible

to create life permittable

allow me to belong

stong, strong and strong

soft, soft and soft

wide, wide and wide

breathe in and out

release through the mouth

welcome. new. life.

and respect the wombs that don't

beyond our biology

away from the apple tree

I find mangoes ripening sweet

warming at the soil beneath my feet

hold its yellow leathery skin

let golden juices in

I take up my space

The warmth of my birthplaces' embrace

No matter were I migrate

My womanhood does not


(artwork by @sarashakeel )

#womanhood #poetry #poem #stretchmark


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